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koncert"Anniversaries and Meetings" -festive concert - 9th November 2016

“Anniversaries and Meetings – Ahn Eak Tai, Bartók and Dohnányi” concert celebrating the 110th anniversary of Ahn’s birth and 80th anniversary of his first visit to Hungary and his meeting vith Bartók Béla and Dohnányi Ernő. Venue: Grand hall of Liszt Academy of Music Read more...

koszoruzasWreath-laying at the Ahn Eak Tai statue
kiallitasExhibition opening of "Anniversaries and Meetings"

“Anniversaries and Meetings – Ahn Eak Tai, Bartók and Dohnányi” – exhibition opening speech by Vásáry Tamás, Kossuth prize winner pianist and conductor, Artist of the Hungarian Nation. Read more...

konferencia megnyitoPublic Policy and Civil Diplomacy – Role and Possibilities of Korean-Friendship Societies in International Relations
fénykép0922bVisit of Hungary-Korea Society at the Korea-Hungary Joint Nano Laboratory

Korea Hungary Joint Nano Laboratory is a good example how a civil organization can help with its own tools the scientific cooperation between two countries. On 9th June, 2009 Hungary-Korea Society held an International Conference on the occasion of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. One speaker from the Korean side was Dong-Pil Min, Chairman of Korea Research Council Read more...

kozoskep3Wreath-laying at the Ahn Eak Tai statue

Chung Ui Hwa, Speaker of the Korean National Assembly, members of the Korean National Assembly delegation visiting Hungary, wreathed the Ahn Eak Tai statue in the Citiy Park together with the leadership of our Society on 9th July, 2015. This was the first official wreathing ceremony at the statue, though the Korean delegations arriving to Hungary always visited the statue within the framework of their non-official program.The leaders of our Society put a flower Read more...

tancosokFirst Hungary-Korea Picnic

A civil society is rarely honored by the fact that it can host an event in common with the Embassy. This is a sign that the organization of the event by our Society is a guarantee for the Korean Embassy regarding its quality. One could meet more than 200 cheerful, smiling people in the Orczy Park on the 30th May. There was a possibility to build direct human connections between Koreans living in Hungary and Hungarians. We could enjoy each other’s culture, taste a famous Read more...

Szöul-2014.-majus-8.Cimbalom donated by Hungary-Korea Society to Korea

Ceremonial hand-over of cimbalom, donation of Hungary-Korea Society, in Seoul, 1st May, 2014–25th anniversary event in Korea Cimbalom donated by Hungary-Korea Society to Korea National University of Arts was introduced at a concert in the main Hall of Seoul Arts Center on 1st May, 2014. It was followed by a cimbalom master class participated by students of Korea National University of Arts. It happened the first time in Korea Read more...

Yi-Mun-YolYi Mun Yol world famous Korean novelist visit to Hungary as guest of our Society

During his two weeks visit in Hungary in April Yi Mun Yol most popular Korean novelist met Hungarian novelists and Hungarian people interested in Korean literature in Budapest and in the countryside. Synopsis of his novels were edited and translated by Andrea Szegő and they were presented by Hungarian secondary school students. Yi Mun Yol and his family was welcome Read more...

Selyemhimzes-kiallitas15th International Lace Festival – Special guest Korea

Korean silk embroideries were exhibited at the Festival on 26-27th April; it was open to the public for two weeks after the Festival.
Hundreds of people visited the Korean silk embroidery exhibition of Park Phil Soon during these two weeks. Many arrived from our neighboring countries Read more...

dokumentum és cimbalom 270x180Agreement between Hungary-Korea Society and Korea National University of Arts

The Agreement between Hungary-Korea Society signed in Seoul in 16th December, 2013 specifies a joint project between the two parties and determines the division of tasks between them. Hungary-Korea Society donates a concert cimbalom (hammer dulcimer) to Korea National University of Arts (KNUA) the very first cimbalom in Korea and provides a cimbalom artist. Read more...

mesejatszokFirst year birthday celebration of the Ahn Eak Tai statue

Hungary-Korea Society celebrated the first year birthday of Ahn’s statue on 15th May, 2013.
Main speaker: Jakab István, Vice-President of the Hungarian Parliament and Nam Gwan Pyo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea.
Special guest of Hungary-Korea Society from Korea: Prof. Hur Young-Han, Korea National University of Arts.
He lectured “Korea Fantasy around the world”

Hur professzorThe Korea Fantasy in Hungary and around the world

The series of first year anniversary events of the unveiling of Ahn Eak Tai statue was opened by a joint event of Hungary-Korea Society and the Liszt Academy of Music. Hur Young Han, professor of Korea National University of Arts delivered a lecture at the Music Academy, „Ahn’s main symphonic composition, . The exhibition of the Society „Ahn Eak Tai and his master Kodály Zoltán” was opened in the aula of the Music Academy. Read more...

kodalyahnBridge between Hungary and Korea

In the city Dunaujvaros in Intercisa Museum the exhibition of “Bridge between Hungary and Korea” was open to the public from 5th April to 30th June. Dunaujvaros is the headquarters of Hankook Tire Hungary. Beyond “Ahn Eak Tai in Hungary” Korean ceramics and paintings were also exhibited by Hungary-Korea Society. Timing was important: a delegation from Geumsan city, headquarters of Hankook Tire in Korea arrived to Dunaujvaros in May to prepare the sister city Read more...

cimbalom190x130jelolveSouth - American tunes

We have received invitation from Herencsár Viktória, president of The Cimbalom (hammered dulcimer) World Association, the musician member of our Society to the event “South-American tunes” held in common with the Encuentros (Encounters) choir. On their program there were compositions from various countries of South – America. (Argentine, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Venezuela) Herencsár Viktória is an all-round cimbalom player, she plays classical and Read more...

hegedűs190x130jelöltCharity Concert

We received invitation from Hegedűs Endre, Liszt-Prize holder pianistmember of our Society to his charity concert, into the Hegedűs Salon, the Patrona. Guest of the event and its patron was Ó Kovács Szilveszter, the general director of Opera House, who delivered an opening address. Music pieces were performed by Hegedűs Endre, Liszt – Prize holder pianist, Szabóki Tünde and Szegedi Csaba, soloists of the Hungarian State Opera House, Read more...

cimbalomVoyage with cimbalom around the world

We received invitation from Herencsár Viktória, cimbalom artist member of our Society to her recital “Voyage with cimbalom around the world” . With the help of the cimbalom and Herencsár Viktória we visited several countries of Europe and Japan, China, the United States. On the program of evening were the improvisations, variations, adaptations of Herencsár Viktória. The artist received the score of Arirang after the concert, Read more...

hangszerekDvorak Evening in Budapest

Hungary –Korea Society received complimentary tickets to the Dvorák evening in Budapest of Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra. Solo cellist was Mee-Hae Ryo. The orchestra was founded in 1984, since then it has become one of the best known orchestra of the Korean Republic.  They visited Hungary the first time. The concert was at the Italian Institute, Budapest. All the complimentary tickets were distributed among the members of our Society. Read more...

dunaujvarosHungarian - Korean Evening

Hungary – Korea Society was an invited guest in Dunaújváros, where we participated at the first Hungarian – Korean Evening.
The event began with a spectacular Taekwondo program. A gorgeous performance was held again by Máté Taekwondo and Hapkido Public Benefit Sport Association of Hódmezővásárhely. The event continued in the big hall of the theatre where, after the opening address of Cserna Gábor, mayor of Dunaújváros  Read more...

koreai filmhet2012Korean film week

Hungary-Korea Society was a guest on every day of the Korean film week. The films of Kim-Ki duk were not unknown to us. It was good to see again the best known films of the movie director, especially the poetic Spring, summer, autumn, winter…and spring of meditative atmosphere. Many of the members of the Society saw a couple of films but some of the members saw all the films. Read more...

tokparPumpkin Festival at Racalmas

Cheerfulness, joke, playfulness is also part of our life.
We received invitation from Schrick István, mayor and Lee Sang-il, director of hankook tire to the 9th Pumpkin Festival at Rácalmás.
The Festival was held at Jankovich mansion but the way leading to it is also a great experience. Humorous pumpkin figures, pumpkin compositions were everywhere as far as the eye could reach. Read more...

leleplUnveiling of Ahn Eak Tai statue

Very few people know that the composer of the Korean Anthem, Ahn Eak Tai, lived and studied in Budapest, too. He learned composition of music from Kodály Zoltán, whose guidance was of determining importance for his music and career. The Ahn Eak Tai statue was erected by Hungary-Korea Society. Initiator and manager of the erection of the statue and the series of events connected with the unveiling of the statue was Szegő Andrea. Read more...

koncert„Ahn Eak Tai and his master Kodály Zoltán” - festive concert of Hungary-Korea Society

On the 10th may, 2012, one day before the unveiling of the statue, a festive concert was held in the ceremonial hall of Hungarian Academy of Sciences by our Society. The title of the concert was “Ahn Eak Tai and his master Kodály Zoltán” The program was closed by Korea Fantasy; Ahn Eak Tai’s most important composition, which was performed the first time in Budapest after the Second World War. Read more...

kiallAhn Eak Tai in Hungary - Exhibition of the Hungary-Korea Society

The exhibition shows the period of Ahn Eak Tai’s life related to Hungary with documents and photos. Ahn Eak Tai studied in Hungary, too, his teachers were Kodály Zoltán, Weiner Leó, Schiffer Adolf, Unger Ernő.
He visited Hungary several times before the second world war, as a guest conductor he conducted orchestras to play his own compositions, too, Read more...

tablaavatasGroundbreaking ceremony of the Ahn Eak Tai statue int he front garden of Eötvös College

On the occasion of the visit of Oh Se Hoon Seoul Mayor in Budapest the groundbreaking ceremony of Ahn Eak Tai statue took place. A cupper plate indicating the venue of the statue was unveiled. Unexpected happenings changed this plan later.
VIP guests at the groundbreaking ceremony: Mrs. Kodály Zoltánné Péczely Sarolta, widow of late Kodály Zoltán, Leonor Ahn on behalf of Ahn’s family, Read more...

konferencia eloadoiWe organized an International Conference on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Hungary

There were three successful „full house” events on the same day: International Conference, handing over of Eminence prize founded by the Society, Bibimbap Festival. Initiator and manager of the realization of the events was Szegő Andrea. It was an innovative element that the Conference focused not on the past but on the future. Read more...

csapatjelolveSAMSUNG Supermarathon

It was the first time that a Korean runner took part at SAMSUNG Supermarathon, he came from Korea, and he was in the team of Hungary-Korea Society. The distance to be performed in the period of 19th – 23rd October was the distance between Vienna – Bratislava – Budapest. Members of the Hungary Korea relay team: Bajári Gábor, Kovács Attila, Kun András, László Zoltán and SHIN Sung Chul, counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. Lipp András who is Read more...