Hungary-Korea Society celebrated the first year birthday of Ahn’s statue on 15th May, 2013.
Main speaker: Jakab István, Vice-President of the Hungarian Parliament and Nam Gwan Pyo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea.
Special guest of Hungary-Korea Society from Korea: Prof. Hur Young-Han, Korea National University of Arts.
He lectured “Korea Fantasy around the world” at Liszt Academy of Music,a joint event of Hungary-Korea Society and Liszt Academy of Music. Liszt Academy also hosted another joint event with our Society, the exhibition of “Anh Eak Tai and his Master Kodaly Zoltan” in the Aula of Liszt Academy. It was open to the public from 15th till 31st May. In his other lecture held at the Ahn Eak Tai statue Prof. Hur Young Han highlighted the international importance of Ahn Eak Tai.

Special flavor was given to the event not only by performing a number of Ahn’s compositions the first time in Hungary (Sweet Sixteen, Arirang Hill) but also by performing Hungarian and Korean fairy tales played by Hungarian and Korean school children together. It was unique in Hungary.

Compositions of Ahn Eak Tai were performed by Hegedűs Endre Kossuth Prize artist awarded in 2014 and Chung Ho Sung Korean cellist.


Program of the event at the Ahn Eak Tai statue:
First our guests listened to the Korean an Hungarian national anthems.



13mp8641Szegő Andrea, president, said welcome remarks to the participants of the event in Korean, Hungarian and English language.








In honour of the first year anniversary festive speeches were delivered from Korean and Hungarian side as well.
From Korean side H.E. Nam Gwan Pyo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea delivered a festive speech.



13mp8688H.E. Nam Gwan Pyo was moved when he remembered the unveiling of the statue one year ago. He thanked again to Szegő Andrea for her work as initiator and manager of the erection of the statue.











From Hungarian side Jakab István, Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly delivered a festive speech.




13mp8728He promised in his speech to support the initiation of our Society that the day of the unveiling of the statue should be Hungary-Korea Friendship Day.








From Seoul, the Korea National University of Arts professor Hur Young Han came to Budapest upon invitation of Hungary-Korea Society. Professor Hur is a great authorithy on the life and art of Ahn Eak Tai.




13mp8761Professor Hur Young Han spoke about how Ahn as an artist served the interests of the Korean people.









Ahn Eak Tai made up his mind already as a child to gain the appreciation of the leading artists of the world with his compositions and conductor’s performance. His fame is that of Korea as well.

Flowers of commemoration were put in front of the statue by our invited guests.



13mp8826The first rose was put into the vase by H.E. Nam Gwan Pyo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea.














From Hungarian side as first




13mp8828Jakab István, Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly put flowers of commemoration in front of the statue.














The following people bowed their heads in front of Ahn Eak Tai statue: Csomós Miklós, Deputy Mayor of Budapest, Professor Hur Young Han, Mohi Csaba, member of the Presidium of Hungary-Korea Society, Hegedüs Endre, pianist, Farkas Erzsébet opera singer, Rózsahegyi Péter from the local government of Rákosmente, Molnárné Pataki Márta, leader of Fairy Tale Players, teacher of Hunyadi János General School, Tóthné Záhorszky Margit from the local government of Dunaújváros.

Several compositions of Ahn Eak Tai were played for the first time at the festive event.




13mp8873It was performed by Farkas Erzsébet opera singer and Hegedűs Endre Liszt prize holder pianist.









After performing Sweet Sixteen and Arirang Hill the artists got deservedly a great applause.





13mp9038From left to right: Jakab István, Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly, Ambassador Nam Gwan Pyo, Lee interpreter, Csomós Miklós Deputy Mayor of Budapest, Professor Hur Young Han, Csépe Valéria, Deputy General Secretary of the Hungarian Academy of Scienes, spouse of Professor Hur.




After the adults children came to the stage. First the fairy tale „Kitrákotty” song and market games were performed by the pupils of Hunyadi János General School, Fairy Tale Players’ Group and Korean schoolchildren. The piece was applied to the stage by Molnárné Pataki Márta, leader and teacher of Fairy Tale Players’ Group.




13mp8886 „It is often said but not without a reason that music is a bridge between nations.” – that is how Csomós Miklós, Deputy Mayor of Budapest, Main Speaker of the event started his speech. The joint singing of children was a proof for that.




White Lily, the composition of Ahn Eak Tai was also performed during the unveiling of the statue.



13mp8973This year it was performed Chung Ho Sung, Korean cellist and Hegedűs Endre Liszt prize holder pianist.














Again children came to the stage. It was their joint performance of a tale with philosophical contents, which is of topical interest especially in our days.



13mp9099Bibimbap fairy tale of prof. Ra Jong Yil was performed by Hungarian and Korean children, it was translated into Hungarian by Szegő Andrea and it was applied to the stage by Molnárné Pataki Márta.





The last lines were read out by the Korean children in their own language.




13mp9105The story is thought-provoking for both children and adults.









The joint performance of the children was a great success.




13mp8909Smiling, cheerful guests.











After Bibimbap fairy tale came the Bibimbap food. In order to be able to taste, everyone had to work a little.




13mp9117Children and adults started together for the big task, the ritual mixing together of the traditional Korean food.








One may touch the food only in traditional white gloves, cook’s cap and apron.




13mp9134The festive mixing of Bibimbap was started by Jakab István, H.E. Nam Gwan Pyo and Csomós Miklós.













No one wanted to be left out from the mixing together of the festive food.




13mp9249Everybody had gloves and caps but from time to time they had to wait for a mixing spoon.








Then the cook’s caps received new function.





13mp9305The dedicated caps keep the memory of this day.















It is a rare occasion that one can ask for a signature from the Korean ambassador.





13mp9322Every child queued up in order to get the signature of ambassador Nam gwan Pyo.









In addition to making fun there was a possibility for informal talk as well.




13mp9349Professor Szegő Andrea introduced professor Hur Yound Han to professor Csépe Valéria. They did not discuss serious, scientific problems today.








Main organizer of the event: Hungary Korea Society
Co-operating partners:
Zuglói Cserepesház
Hunyadi János General School, Zugló
Please, look at the pictures taken about the event in the galleries.