Chung Ui Hwa, Speaker of the Korean National Assembly, members of the Korean National Assembly delegation visiting Hungary, wreathed the Ahn Eak Tai statue in the Citiy Park together with the leadership of our Society on 9th July, 2015. This was the first official wreathing ceremony at the statue, though the Korean delegations arriving to Hungary always visited the statue within the framework of their non-official program.The leaders of our Society put a flower each at the statue.



képek-026-jelöltCommon picture at the Ahn Eak Tai statue.











képek-005-jelöltIn memory of the wreath-laying: Dr. Szegő Andrea, President handed over a framed photo montage to Mr. Chung Ui Hwa, on which all important events related to the statue could be seen.









All Korean guests visiting Hungary were moved when they stood next to the statue.















képek-044-jelöltThe script on the ribbon of the wreath of the Korean National Assembly could be read in English and Korean language. The colours of the flowers in the wreath were those of the Korean flag.